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Family Pathways Program

Works with families who have children in the care of Child Protection services or are at risk.  We aim to increase child safety and permanence by supporting and advocating with families.   We offer:


  • Facilitated Collaborative Planning (family meetings) for children in care

  • Provide weekly counselling to help attain goals

  • Provide advocacy and support for meetings with social workers and in court process

  • Provide crisis counselling



Program Coordinator – Cynthia Fidler

Outreach Worker – Myra Antoniuk

“You must understand . . . I am ordinary. Painfully ordinary. This is not modesty. This is fact. Maybe you’re ordinary, too. If so, I honor your ordinariness, your humanness, your spirituality. I hope you will honor mine. That ordinariness is our bond, you and I. We are ordinary. We are human. The Creator made us this way. Imperfect. Inadequate. Ordinary. . . We are not supposed to be perfect. We’re supposed to be useful.”

- Leonard Peltier

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