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Staff  & Board Of Directors

Staff Directory


Debbie Williams,Executive Director

Kim Edwards,Finance Officer

Jason Stevenson, Payroll

Perry Dick,Office Manager

Shane Tallio, AP Clerk

Andrene Jack,Secretary/Receptionist

Fred Wilson,Addictions Program Coordinator

Lucy Thomas,Employment & Training Services Coordinator

Bev Williams,Families Growing Together Coordinator

Laura Sjolie,Healthiest Babies Possible Coordinator

Tangerene Jones,Healthiest Babies Possible Outreach Worker

Joanne Charlie, Healthiest Babies Possible Outreach Worker

Lisa George, Healthiest Babies Possible Outreach Worker

Taryn Johnson,Indigenous Infant Development Consultant

Loretta Hopkins ,Healthy Children, Healthy Futures & Treasure Box Coordinator

Bev Williams,Family Support Worker Coordinator

Justine Jack,Family Support Worker

Joe Tom, Family Support Worker (On Leave)

Catherine Joe, Family Support Worker (On Leave)

Joy Nolette,Community Kitchens Coordinator

C. Joey Sam,Homelessness Outreach Program Coordinator

William Jack,Homelessness Outreach Worker (On Leave

Perry Point, Homeless Outreach Worker

Mary Seymour, Homeless Cook & Janitor

Tommy Underwood, Youth Inclusion Project (YIP) Coordinator

Kevin Paige,Youth Inclusion Project (YIP) Outreach Worker

Ebonie Elliott,Youth Inclusion Project (YIP) Outreach Worker

Stacey Robertson, FASD Keyworker

Cynthia Fidler,Family Pathways Program Coordinator

Myra Antoniuk, Family Pathways Outreach Worker

Terry Ann Johnny, 'Right To Play' Community Mentor

Calvin Swustus Jr, Youth Centre Coordinator




Board of Directors

Deloria Bighorn, President

Mary Peter, 1st Vice President

Claudia Roland, 2d Vice President

Ed Raaflaub, Treasurer

Johnny Crocker, Secretary

Raquel Crocker, Director

Rosalinda Williams, Director

Dianna Brook-Webster, Director

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