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Youth Inclusion Project

The Youth Inclusion Project (YIP) is a crime prevention program that provides pro-social activities to youth in the Cowichan communities.


The YIP facilitates programming for youth that are considered at-risk for criminal behaviour and need extra assistance to cope with the surrounding environment.


YIP hosts various girl and boy groups within schools and provides youth with opportunities to access programs in the broader community. Our aim is to provide youth with fun, supportive and socially positive activities in hope to deter youth from the criminal scene.



In collaboration with other youth services in the Cowichan area, the YIP teams provide fun ways to outreach. We host BBQ’s, recreational games and events that bring awareness of our program to the community.

The in-school programs are gender specific programming, which provide opportunities for pre-teens to develop skills that help cope with challenges faced during maturation. This is culturally appropriate programming and focuses on building healthy connections with themselves, peers, family and community.


Sessions include practical skill building, communication skills, body image, boundaries and dealing with friendship and peers (bullying issues). Activities are adjusted to the ages and needs of the group.

One-on-one sessions provide youth accessibility to the community at large. Our outreach workers engage with youth by involving youth in programs within the community. These access points include recreational centres and youth centres.

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